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Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Tan-y-lan

Bydd dda, bydd ddoeth, bydd wych

Welcome Croeso


Croeso i ardal y CRA/ Welcome to our PTA


Who are we?


We’re just a group of parents, family members, friends and teaching staff!!

Your school PTA, Mwnciod Tan-y-lan work hard to support our school, and our fundraising is a key part of this. We work in partnership with the Mr Jones and school leadership team to support the activities that further the education of all pupils at Ysgol Tan-y-lan. The PTA isn’t just about raising money for the school, our role is wider than that, and has the education of our children at the heart of it. We aim to expand upon this in the future.


All parents, family and members of the local community can get involved if they want to, even if they only have a small amount of time available. All parents are automatically members of the association when they join our school. The PTA is extremely conscious of the ethos and morals of Ysgol Tan-y-lan, and we try very hard when organising and planning events to respect this. Not all of our events are run as fundraisers. Our children’s discos and parties are run mainly with the aim of giving the children a good time.


We’re a registered Charity


The Charities Act 1993 requires organisations such as ours with an annual income in excess of £1,000 to register with the Charity Commission. As a Charity we must abide by Charity Commission rules and regulations and we are bound by a Constitution. Our Constitution lays down rules about how we operate as a PTA and how we conduct ourselves. Being a Registered Charity gives us many extra benefits.

  • We can raise funds more easily from grant giving trusts, local businesses etc.

  • We can take advantage of charity matched giving schemes


If anyone is able to help us with applying for grants or their place of work operates a matched funding scheme, then please get in touch.


How we raise money


Throughout the academic year, the PTA arranges a variety of events which raise money for school funds and just as importantly enable pupils, parents, and teachers to have some fun together. The activities that are held during the year include something for parents/carers as well as the children. They generally include a Christmas event, Summer Fayre, Valentines, Summer and Halloween Disco and an event/competition at Easter. All the events rely on the generous support of parents/carers and everyone is most welcome to participate in whichever way they prefer.


How we spend the money we raise?


Once money is raised from events the funds are banked straight away. It is at our PTA Committee Meetings, that the decisions on how to spend the money are taken. Usually, the school will have a ‘wish list’ of items that the school would like to purchase. Sometimes this will be as a result of the children asking for something; at other times it will be for resources to improve a particular area of the curriculum or school environment. In the main the PTA funds are for the ‘extras’ not provided for by the school budget, that make our children’s learning experiences so much more fulfilling and exciting. The money we raise is usually spent fairly quickly. That way, you can be sure that in supporting our school, your and everybody’s child will feel the benefit. Of course there are times when we have a big project underway that we need to save money for.


How Can You Get Involved?


There are lots of ways you can help and support your child through the PTA. Offering to help before events or at other times during the year is so valuable – it really is a case of ‘many hands make light work’. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help on a regular basis, or even if you can’t come into school. There are always little jobs that can be done from home if you have half an hour to spare e.g. wrapping gifts, preparing raffle tickets etc. We really couldn’t achieve what we do without the unseen ‘army of help’ that exists in school. You can of course if you feel able, volunteer to be a Committee Member. You can attend the AGM and give us your ideas for fundraising events – this is also the time to ask questions or voice your opinion. You can help by letting us know if you have any contacts or skills we could use – anything is valuable to us.


And finally, we are always extremely grateful to receive donations as mentioned before.

Our PTA committee

Head Teacher - Berian Jones


Chair Person – Bobbie Rees

Treasurer – Sara Lewis

Sectary – Emma Rogers

School Liaison – Lowri Fulford


Committee members:


Samantha Evans Nicola Thomas Lisa Foulston

Lowri Tett Cheryl Gumia-Davies Samantha Tett

Stacey Williams Kayleigh Maxwell Hannah Toghill

Simone Donahue Davies

Amanda Rice Ian Fearn Rachel Collins